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Competition Info

Here is everything you need to know about Ballroom and Latin competitions, if your child wants to take part please let me know ASAP :-) 


To take part in a competition we need to practice lots! We will have a break at the start of the Summer holidays but restart in the first week of August for children who want to do the competition.


  • Group class on Thursday 5.15 pm (summer holidays 4pm)  (£7.50 per lesson paid termly)

  • 30 min a shared private lesson (2 of them at a time) on a Sunday. The price of the shared private lesson is (£15 per child paid weekly)

  • Full day practice  10th September 10am-2pm


To enter the competition the children should be able to perform the Waltz & Cha Cha Cha un-aided in time with the music. In addition to classes I will send a video of the choreography for them to practice at home.

We will have an assessment 2 weeks before the competition. If they can’t remember the steps we will skip that competition and practice for the next one. 

Competition dates:


  • September 23rd, Hammersmith OR 24th, Frimley Green Surrey (will select which to go to when the price of the tickets etc comes out for both)

  • November 26th, Leatherhead Leisure centre

  • March 24th, Frimley Green Surrey


What I need/costs: 


What to expect on the competition day: 


  • Here is a video of a competition

  • Arrive at the venue at 8/8.30am

  • Hair in a sleek bun

  • Perform your dance in the age group you have entered, but you have to watch all the other age groups, usually it is finished at lunchtime

  • All the children in that age group perform at the same time, depending how many have entered you might dance on your own or with 20 others!

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